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About Directv Channel Guide

Not all packages & services included. Pricing & terms subject to change. Offer, while valid, may be discontinued or changed at any time. If you choose to cancel on or after your 24-month term, your bill will reflect the then-current month-to-month price (including applicable taxes & fees). 2017 Verizon. All rights reserved. Verizon Wireless and the Verizon Wireless logo are either registered trademarks or trade names of Verizon Wireless.

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FAQ - Directv Channel Guide

What is the purpose of Directv Channel Guide ?
DirecTV Channel Guide is a FREE tool that lets you find and watch what you want based on what you like to watch and if you have the right package and plan. It's a great tool for parents or anyone who is still learning how to find and use the Internet. With DirecTV Channel Guide, you're not just looking for programs, movies and sports you're also looking for where to get them. DirecTV Channel Guide is the one place where you will find out more about your favorite shows. Watching your favorite shows on your TV is easy and DirecTV Channel Guide is the place where you know exactly what to expect on your favorite shows. Is the information in DirecTV Channel Guide always accurate? No, that is not always the case. We do our best to update DirecTV Channel Guide based on the most current Nielsen ratings. In our most recent ratings in September 2010, for example, the most-aired entertainment program in the U.S. was the animated children's show, “Bob's Burgers.” It had a score of 4.7, while the least-aired program was “The Walking Dead.” It had a score of 1.9. What is the difference between DirecTV Channels and DISH Channels? DirecTV Channels are the TV services that you own and subscribe to. Dischannels are the TV services that you subscribe to. They consist of networks that are sold by DISH Network or DISH Internet TV and are not owned or operated by us. What is the difference between the monthly fees for DirecTV Channel Guide and DISH Channel Guide? When you subscribe to DISH Channels, we also send you a subscription confirmation email with the charges. However, if you subscribe to DirecTV Channel Guide, you won't receive an email telling you how much the monthly fee is. Do you include “premium” channels like HBO, Showtime, Cartoon Network or Discovery on DirecTV Channel Guide? No. DirecTV Channel Guide does not include premium channels. Do my children need a subscription to watch their favorite shows in DirecTV Channel Guide? No. We encourage our families to find their favorite channels the old-fashioned way — through a subscription to a cable or video-rental company.
Who should complete Directv Channel Guide ?
That's a question the vast majority of consumers have had for years. Most folks now think of channel guides as little more than a handy way to look up their favorite channels. This new initiative doesn't change the Channel Guide's user interface. It simply adds new features that don't require a user to download a new app or access new software. What the Channel Guide does do is allow DirecTV to offer those with HD antenna subscriptions — and their children -- better service and value for their subscription dollars. DirecTV has worked with TV Guide, the world's largest channel guide provider, over several years to create a programmable home TV platform that can be accessed from any connected television. A new feature in HDTV guide delivers an app that displays the most popular broadcast content (including NFL Games and Major Events) on your TV screen. The channel list in DirecTV's HDTV guide is updated live when the local station HD signals are available, such as when a local newscast is being broadcast. At first, DirecTV said users could enjoy HDTV Guide's new user interface with their connected television running the latest version of the company's HDD platform software. This version supports any HDTV receiver and comes with more than 800 TV channels available to stream live and to record. But as the DirecTV HDTV Guide team was refining the UI, it found the interface wasn't intuitive to new or non-technical consumers. That's why the Channel Guide was recently launched with Android, iOS and Roku touch interfaces. By offering a simple HDTV viewing experience across multiple devices and platforms, DirecTV is aiming to attract families and children who have become the main focus of HDD. “With the new DirecTV HD Guide, we will now have a channel guide with a simple, intuitive experience to offer our customers the best value in programming for their subscription dollars,” said Dan Schreiber, president of products and strategic initiatives, at DirecTV. The new HD channel list allows users to search by broadcast programming, so no longer will viewers have to scour the Channel Guide to find that popular show. DirecTV's users can also now see the schedule for the next week, including what's airing, when. DirecTV is also introducing a new feature that allows parents looking for their children's favorite shows to save their searches.
When do I need to complete Directv Channel Guide ?
DirecTV Channel Guide must be completed by 9 p.m. on the day before your next billing cycle and at least 2 days prior to the first day of the first billing period (i.e. the day before TV service is activated), or it will not be automatically renewed. What happens if I miss a billing cycle and I do not complete it? If you do not complete your Channel Guide within a reasonable time (such as 7 days in the event of a new billing cycle) we reserve the right to terminate your service. What happens if I use a non-residential (residential service area) address? If you have used a residential address for your billing address you will receive 5 per month credit toward channel guide charges on all new services at the same rate as for your cable TV plan. Who handles credit card charges for DirecTV Channel Guide? Your pay-TV service provider determines credit card charge amounts. Is Internet service included when I sign up for a plan, and can I change my Internet service type later? Our pricing and service options depend on your Internet plan and billing address. How will I be billed if I cancel my service before it is set up or my service is upgraded from the free basic service? Cancellation charges are not refundable and cannot be credited with a down payment. What happens if my billing address changes? If you move, change your billing address, or otherwise are not living in the billing address at the time you cancel service, you must go to the service address of your new billing address to purchase a service. Thereafter, if you move to a residence that is within your new billing address, you must switch the address that you previously used. We will charge your new credit card the same amount for channel guide. How long will a bill cycle take me? You must pay your bill on the last day of each billing cycle. If a payment has already been processed, you will not begin to receive bills beginning on the next billing cycle. However, you will be charged for every billing cycle on your current billing date after a grace period of 30 days, which begins after the billing cycle begins or the charge would have been processed if it has not already received a charge or payment, whichever is earlier. Your billing address may change due to change of address or new address due to termination of service. This may impact your ability to receive the credit balance due from your last payment.
Can I create my own Directv Channel Guide ?
No, DirecTV is not able to provide third-party channel guides. If you want to create your own, you can use a Web browser to display a listing of available channels. To get started, create and register a free account at the Channel Guide Service. The new Channel Guide Service provides a more interactive and customized experience, giving you access to new and exclusive live channels, on-demand TV programming, and popular apps and games. The Channel Guide features content from the most popular networks, including ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, Fox News, and Telemundo. For questions about creating a list of channels to add to your list and for more information, visit the DirecTV Channel Guide Registration and Subscription Service Help Center (link opens in a new window). Why do some people receive no signal at home? DirecTV may have more than the available channels available locally. On certain times of the day or night, your home might have more than the number of channels available locally at that home. When that happens, you may not have a local signal. When your local signal is lost, the service automatically switches to a regional signal. You may continue receiving channels on the first (or alternate) regional network you subscribe to. Are there any extra requirements for my antenna or Cablecast for DirecTV? Yes. You can receive a local signal using an antenna or a Cablecast. Antennas must be located in the home, at least three feet from your TV. To install your antenna, follow the instructions on your antenna's manual. A Cablecast must be inserted into your cable or satellite TV box. Make sure the Cablecast is turned on. After your antenna is placed, connect the cable or satellite box to your TV. In some cases, you may need to manually switch the channel(s) you want to watch from the DirecTV channel guide. If you are receiving only one television service (for example, you are receiving a DVR set-top box and a VCR set-top box), your cable service will usually be set to the same provider as your Cablecast, allowing your TV service to automatically switch to it after your equipment is in place. See Cablecast installation. Will the DirecTV app help me watch TV or music online? Yes, the DirecTV app is available for Macs and PCs to help you stay connected.
What should I do with Directv Channel Guide when it’s complete?
This guide does not include Channel Guide for the new DirecTV Now channel. You can download the Channel Guide and the Channel Guide Viewer for new channel. Do all stations and channels work with DirecTV Now? The latest build of DirecTV Now allows for a limited number of stations and channels to be accessed with a TV provider account. When I click on a channel, the app says I can't watch this channel. Why can't I watch this channel? This question is usually caused by an expired or suspended account. In order to watch this channel, you must cancel your DirecTV Now account. Do I need a TV provider account if I sign up for DirecTV Now with my current TV provider? Yes. A TV provider account is needed for all DirecTV Now customers to access the full lineup of channels and channels. When will the channel guide be available? The channel guide won't be available until all subscribers get the OUT service. How do I watch a sports game from the channel guide? Once a game has aired on TV, it's available in the channel guide for users to watch. You'll need to use a pay-TV login to access the channel guide. Does the Channel Guide include live events like basketball games, college basketball, football, soccer, boxing and mixed martial arts? Yes. The Sports Page in the channel guide includes all events that have ever aired on TV or have been broadcast to local TV stations. When will shows and movies be appearing in the channel guide? The channel guide will be updated and new shows and movies may appear in the channel guide and eventually be available for you to watch. More recent shows and movies will eventually appear as they become available on the channel. What happens if I cancel, or change the TV provider during the process of subscribing to DirecTV Now? Any programming you've already purchased from a TV provider will continue to work. The channel guide will be populated with any content you purchase from cable or satellite providers. This is because DirecTV Now pays TV providers for their broadcast content. When will my subscription to DirecTV Now be active for my current TV provider? When you sign up for the service, your current TV subscription will be activated automatically. Once you cancel or change your TV provider, you will no longer be eligible for the service.
How do I get my Directv Channel Guide ?
Go here and fill out the following information: Name of the channel guide you need. Which Channel is your channel map for? (If you can't figure it out, go here to access your channel information.
What documents do I need to attach to my Directv Channel Guide ?
If your primary programming consists mainly of sports, then you probably already have a document that outlines and documents your basic sports content. If you're a sports fan, the document that details your channel guide would be your personal TV Guide, which you may have purchased from a retailer or from a cable or satellite company. To update your channel guide, you can download the latest TV Guide from DirecTV which will update not only your channel guide information but any available sports programming. How do I update the channel guide? The channel guide can be updated at any time with the following steps: If you have the latest TV Guide, scroll down through the page until you see “Updating My DirecTV Channel Guide.” Turn off any remote control that has a channel button. Press and hold the channel button on the TV remote, and you will hear a beep. Release the channel button quickly and the TV will ask if you would like to update the channel guide. If you are satisfied with the change, press a button on the remote, and you will hear a beep once more. Repeat this process until you have completed each step until there are no beeps. What happens if I still can't find the content I want? If you still can't find what you are looking for then the next step from DirecTV is to contact our customer support service department to assist you. We would love to help and look forward to hearing from you. What if I have an old TV or I wish to make a newer set of rules of use? This process is much the same as updating a TV guide. All that needs to be done is to change the channel guide settings. For instructions on changing your channel guide settings, please click here. What if I live in an area that offers programming other than the top 5 channels ? If you have an area with additional programming that you wish to be shown on your television then you are able to make your channel guide as detailed as you desire. Once set up correctly a DirecTV television will offer additional channels, including ESPN, Food Network and more. What if you would like to have additional programming on your television, but it isn't available on DirecTV ? DirecTV offers a range of add-on service services that could be added to any subscription based service.
What are the different types of Directv Channel Guide ?
There are 4 different types of Channel Guide to help you find the TV shows and movies you want to watch on DirecTV. These are the Basic TV, Premium TV, DVR with On Demand, and On-demand, and they can also all be used together to create a single TV program guide to help you with your viewing: Basic TV — Shows are available in a basic TV channel guide. This type of guide will simply list the channels that are available on a basic TV. — Shows are available in a basic TV channel guide. This type of guide will simply list the channels that are available on a basic TV. Premium TV — Shows are available in a Premium TV channel guide. This type of guide will list the channels that are available on a cable or satellite TV at prices that are not available to consumers. — Shows are available in a Premium TV channel guide. This type of guide will list the channels that are available on a cable or satellite TV at prices that are not available to consumers. DVR with On Demand — Shows are available in a DVR with On Demand channel guide. This type of guide will list the channels that are available on a cable or satellite TV at prices that are not available to consumers. — Shows are available in a DVR with On Demand channel guide. This type of guide will list the channels that are available on a cable or satellite TV at prices that are not available to consumers. On-demand — Shows are available in a On-demand channel guide. This type of guide will list the channels that are available to consumers in “on demand” format on a computer or mobile device through a smart-TV, video game console, or other device that has a free video-on-demand service. How are the channels available in the 4 types of Channel Guide different ? The basic TV Type, Premium TV Type, and DVR with On Demand Type have similar channels, but the difference is that DVR with On Demand has a more detailed list of channels that can be watched over a short period of time, and will not include any programming past a certain deadline (e.g., the time limit for a program to be scheduled or broadcast on a particular network). Because the On-demand channel list is more complete, the Basic TV Type will have the highest number of programming choices and the cheapest channels. The Premium TV Type provides a similar TV program information but with more variety.
How many people fill out Directv Channel Guide each year?
DirecTV has been in the market since 1998, and it's sold more than 1.5B households worldwide. According to Nielsen, about 446 million people watch some form of pay TV each month. It's worth noting that a lot of those people aren't actually paying for cable (or satellite). About 46% still pay for their pay-TV services, but just 8% of them are getting a traditional cable package. How many viewers fill out a survey of TV viewing habits each year? The most widely cited survey, the Panel Research Corporation's (PRC's) National Television Consumer Awareness Survey, which is published each year by the National Research Council, only surveys a total of 17 percent of the U.S. population in any given year. But just because the survey doesn't cover everybody, that doesn't mean that any statistics from that survey shouldn't be worth remembering: In 2001, PRC's survey recorded a record-breaking 2.6 billion homes and 93 million cable or satellite subscriptions. What do you call the people that don't fill out the Guide? These are people who never watch any TV or who choose not to fill out a survey, either because they don't have a cable or satellite box, so it's an internet connection isn't on, or because we simply aren't trying to reach them. What's interesting, though, is that many people do watch TV. Even in the U.S., which doesn't have a particularly high average TV viewing time each month, there are still many Americans who enjoy watching TV. Even though the U.S. had around 5% more people with broadband internet connections in 2010 than a decade ago, that number still grew by about 11% from 2010 to 2012, according to the Pew Research Center. On a per capita basis, there have been an increase of about 15 minutes or so per day of TV consumption over the past decade. That's the equivalent of an extra hour of programming each month. Are people who don't fill out a Guide more intelligent than others? No. But they might be more engaged and interested in watching TV. “Americans report being most content when watching TV for an hour a day or more and watching TV at dinner (rather than in bed), according to a 2015 survey by the Pew Research Center. On the flip side, the Pew Research Center asked respondents in the U.S.
Is there a due date for Directv Channel Guide ?
View On submitted 1 year ago by nimbus posted in /r/DirecTV Hi guys, I was wondering what DirecTV's official launch date/time might be. I really don't mind the wait, I'm just surprised. Creator of this poll has opted for captcha verification. To vote on this option please fill in the captcha.
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